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Optiphi Active Facial Cleanser 150ml

Deep Cleansing and Soothing Comfort   A multi-functional cleanser which not only gently purifies, but also acts as a mild exfoliator and pH balanced toner. This product can also be used as a shaving medium and gentle eye make-up remover. 

Optiphi Ageless Active Gel 30ml

Anti-Aging & Calming Complex   A skin calming and redness reduction therapy, recommended for irritated, sensitive and red skin areas.  Additionally, an effective aftershave gel and moisturizer for men.

Optiphi Clarity Serum 15ml

Skin Calming Regulator   This calming and soothing spot treatment is ideal for promoting a clear and blemish free complexion. Designed to improve skin imperfections.

Optiphi Complexion Control 30ml

 Even Complexion & Brightening Therapy   This skin brightening control cream is designed for the treatment of dark spots and concerns relating to uneven skin tone.

Optiphi Dermintense Active Gel 30ml

Collagen & Elastin Enhancement Therapy   This retinol-free product assists in the prevention and improvement of the 7 signs of aging. Ideal for skins presenting signs of sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

Optiphi Eye Effect 15ml

Eye Firming Illuminator   This multi action complete eye cream provides instant firming, revives dull skin, fights puffiness and improves skin elasticity.

Optiphi Eyesigns Activegel 20ml

Reduce Signs of Aging Around the Eyes   Eyesigns Activegel is a complete solution that targets three major visual aspects of aging around the eye area – lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Optiphi Hydra-Derm HA Masque 75ml

Cellular Hydrating Replenisher   This creamy masque will soothe dehydration and fight signs of skin fatigue. Delivering intense moisturization, it may be used as a leave-on night treatment.

Optiphi Hydration Therapy 50ml

Dermal Nourishing Moisturizer   This retinol- free moisturiser ensures skin vitality by improving hydration levels and nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and minerals which soothe and illuminate dull skin.

Optiphi Intense HA Infinity Serum 30ml

HA Skin Quenching Re-Plumper   This must-have serum re-plumps, re-densifies and intensively hydrates the skin. Perfect for dehydrated and dry skins, in need of additional moisture.

Optiphi Intense Retinol Infinity Serum 30ml

Concentrated Cellular Rejuvenator   Optiphi®’s award-winning anti-aging serum is designed to promote cellular rejuvenation. This serum contains the highest concentration of retinol in the active range.

Optiphi Moisture Control Light 40ml

 Lasting Intense Moisture   This light, silky moisturiser provides long-lasting skin hydration.

Optiphi Moisture Control Ultra 40ml

 Rich Repairing Moisture   This rich, indulgent cream is formulated for ultra-dry and aging skins, as it contains premium ingredients assisting with intense restoration and the rebuilding of the skin’s structure, thus reducing the signs of aging.

Optiphi Protecting Revitalizer 40ml

Turn Back the Sun Dial   A soothing, lightweight serum that protects skin cells against the effects of sun damage and aging. It targets and prevents skin aging and is the ideal way to introduce retinol into your skincare routine.

Optiphi Pure Cleansing Wash 220ml

Delicate Daily Cleanser   A milky cleanser, which purifies gently for calm and smooth skin. This cleanser is mild enough to act as an eye make-up remover. The balanced pH eliminates the need to use a separate toner. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Optiphi Rejuvenating Revitalizer 40ml

Build Skin & Lose Years   This luxurious, creamy serum is optiphi®’s flagship product. It dramatically reduces and reverses all the signs of aging in the skin.

Optiphi Restore Therapy 50ml

Dermal Restoration Moisturizer   This nourishing night cream promotes complete dermal vitality, by its multi-targeted, anti-aging approach to restore the skin.