Treating Skin Beautifully. DermaPlex™ is a gentle natural way to a Youthful, Healthy and Glowing skin! The DermaPlex™ route to a healthy skin is provided by various natural ingredients, including Meloshield™, a natural melon extract which is rich in anti-oxidants. With regular use of this range, the harmful effects of environmental aggressors and pollutants will be reduced to leave your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant.

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Anti-Dark Spot Fix’n Fade Serum

Anti-Dark Spot Fix’n Fade Serum
  • Concentrated bio-technological complex which is highly effective in fading dark spots or patches and helps to remedy pigmentation irregularities.
  • See a difference in only 4-6 weeks.
  • Contains “Melacetyl” – patented bio-technological complex, which corrects, balances, influences and regulates the mechanism of melanogenesis.
  • Contains natural extract from African Potato, which helps to clear the skin tone.
Vitamin C and Allantoine – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing factors.

Blemish Free Gel

Blemish Perfection Genti-Calm Gel
  • Effective gel complex treats a wide range of blemish problems.
  • Help to fade imperfection, calms and minimizes breakouts, renews and brightens the skin, and evens skin tones.
  • Contains an exclusive bio-technological complex – sugar derivative of salicylic acid, which helps to renew the skin, has anti-bacterial properties.
It also contain extract of Chamomile, Allantoine and extract of Boswellia Serrata as anti-inflammatory and soothing actives and oil from Baobab.

DermaPlex Day Tone Moisturiser Dry / Sensitive Skin

DermaPlex Day Tone Moisturiser Dry / Sensitive Skin (Extra Hydrating and Soothing)
  • .
  • Contains Gorgonian Extract which has natural anti-inflammatory and soothing properties on the skin. Unique hexapeptide SENSILLEN ameliorates the discomfort, improve hydration and skin softness.

DermaPlex Day Tone Moisturiser Normal / Combination

Day Tone Moisturiser (Normal to Dry or Normal and Combination skin types)
  • Protective moisturiser with sunscreen (SPF 20).
  • Contains MeloShieldTM, a natural extract taken from the melon fruit, with a very powerful anti oxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This has a neutralising effect on free-radicals, preventing them from doing damage to the skin.
  • Contains extract from the leaves of Baobab Tree, which smoothes and rehydrates the skin, antioxidants – Vitamins E and C, nourishing oils from Baobab and Avacado, moisturising actives, emollients and soothing active Allantoine.
Addition of extract from African Potato, medicinal plant native to South Africa helps skin to become more brighter and radiant.

Night Restorative Cream

Night Restorative Cream
  • Helps with skin repair during the period of rest.
  • Re-energizes the skin and respects the skin’s natural immunity.
Contains Vitamin A - strong antioxidant; Shea butter, Avacado oil, Sweet Almond oil and Saccharide having moisturising properties on the skin. It has an extract from the fruits of Kigelia Africana (African Sausage Tree), which is rich in flavonoids and it is an excellent moisturiser promoting radiance, firmer and smoother skin. Allantoine in the night cream work as anti-inflammatory and soothing factor.

Triple Action Cleanser Wash

Triple Action Cleanser Wash (All skin types)
  • Fresh Soap free gel application.
  • Beads will help to remove impurities, gently exfoliating and removing any dead skin cells.
  • Smoothes, polishes and refines the pores, preparing the skin for the skin treatments to follow.
Increases penetration of the DermaPlexTM skin care products.