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Thalgo Collagène 5000 – Wrinkle solution

Thalgo Collagène 5000 - Wrinkle solution THALGO's nutricosmetics innovation, Collagen 5000, is a comprehensive wrinkle correction solution incorporating the latest scientific advances in anti-ageing, which have highlighted new oxidative processes responsible for cell ageing. Its exclusive formula contains 5,000 mg of easily assimilated marine collagen hydrolysate, for which the effectiveness in reducing wrinkles has been clinically tested. AGE’ PROTECT complex, combining Vitamin C and Selenium, helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Expert Advice: 1 single dose per day, to be taken in the morning before breakfast. Drink pure or diluted in a glass of water.

Thalgo L’Oceane

Thalgo L'Oceane Studied for over a century for its regenerating and rebalancing properties, marine plasma is physically, physiologically and chemically identical to our internal organism, and an essential support for cellular life. L’OCEANE, 100% natural marine plasma, provides the body with all the vital energy of the sea. Expert Advice: Take 1 to 2 ampoules per day, preferably before a meal. Keep the marine fluid in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

Thalgo Ocea D Drain

Thalgo Ocea D OCÉA D Detoxifying, with its 100% natural-origin active ingredients - fucus brown algae and a complex of organic plants* - helps you to recover a sense of well-being and lightness: • fennel and artichoke extracts encourage detoxification of the body by helping to drain and eliminate toxins; • fucus brown algae helps promote weight loss. * Plants from organic agriculture. Product of organic agriculture. Certified by Ecocert SAS F-32600. Expert Advice: OCÉA D Detoxifying is recommended before starting an intensive slimming or beauty programme, or before a change of season: *by triggering the elimination and weight loss processes, OCÉA D Detoxifying prepares the body for most Slimming Programmes; *by purifying the body to help restore a radiant complexion, OCÉA D Detoxifying also prepares for Beauty Programmes. OCÉA D Detoxifying is an intensive course of treatment to be used at each change of season and whenever the need arises. 1 vial per day to be diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice, as a 10 day course.