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ZO Exfoliation Accelerator

Exfoliation Accelerator Glycolic and lactic acid complex that aids in the removal of dead skin cells while providing calming and soothing benefits with an aloe, green tea and chamomile blend. Benefits Provides gentle, yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells helping to increase cell regeneration Helps soothe and support skin Antioxidants help prevent future damage

ZO Growth Factor Serum 30ml

Delivers daily DNA repair and anti-oxidant protection To slow and repair the signs of ageing, Ossential® Growth Factor Serum uses two proprietary peptides to trigger skin to produce more collagen. Together with retinol and amino acids, it boosts collagen and stimulates cellular function. You can reduce collagen degradation, restore skin elasticity–translation: you’ll lose the lines and wrinkles and look younger! Soothing, calming gel formula.

ZO Recovery Crème 50ml

Recovery Crème Retinol helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while ceramides support hydration and smoother skin surface. Benefits Complements skin’s own natural recovery process Calms and soothes irritated skin Helps restore hydration and nourishment to severely dry, dehydrated skin Reinforces the protective barrier of the skin to hydrate

ZO Wrinkle + Texture Repair 50ml

ZO Wrinkle + Texture Repair 50ml BENEFITS Helps reduce the appearance of lines + wrinkles Supports the appearance of smooth skin texture Improves skin function and the skin’s ability to retain hydration KEY INGREDIENTS 0.5% Retinol: Supports collagen-1 and promotes cellular turnover ZCORE™ complex: Consists of a biomimetic tetrapeptide and sweet yellow clover, and supports the anchoring fibrils for dermal-epidermal junction integrity ZPRO®: Supports skin’s natural replenishment of hyaluronic acid Brassica oleracea italica (broccoli) extract and helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil: Provides anti-irritant properties View All Ingredients DIRECTIONS FOR USE Apply to clean, dry skin. The potency of Wrinkle + Texture Repair can cause redness, dryness and peeling for the first few weeks. These anticipated reactions are a sign of effective stimulation of the skin and will subside with consistent use.