Velashape & Laser Lipo Combo – Voucher



Product Description

velashape™ anti-cellulite & body contouring solutions

Cellulite effects 80% of women & is caused by excess fat storage occurring in the deepest layers of the skin. This causes visible protrusion of fat cells appearing as unsightly dimpling usually in the legs, buttocks, abdomen & arms. Sheer Touch uses Elos® technology that combines bi-polar radio frequency & optical energy to produce a highly controlled energy, safe for all skin types. Specifically designed rollers & vacuum pressure work together to manipulate the skin while infrared & RF energies work to increase oxygen levels to metabolise stored energy, shrinking the size of the fat chamber in problem areas, resulting in a smoother appearance.




lipo laser

A non-invasive, painless procedure that blasts away fat cells with cold diode laser technology. The laser works by breaking down triglycerides into fatty acids & glycerol. As the fat melts away, it is excreted as waste using our body’s natural digestive process.

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